“why so serious”

 Often my fellow Americans say love it or leave it (referring to the country).
 I am an American who lives in Japan and visits his homeland at least annually
and some years more. I love the U.S.A., but living abroad can be COOL.

I do radio on FM-Hi! in the City of Shizuoka, but it is for a Japanese
audience, that might not grasp too much of my English, but for many years
they have enjoyed the music I play.

Are we thinkin’ there should some sort of biographical sketch? Let’s see how sketchy                      we can make it. Born in the ATL ( the three letter airport designation ) down in the southern fried
Empire State of Georgia.  Did you know that that state in the United States has more land area       and more population than the country of Georgia.   Came to Japan for the 1st time in the spring         of 1992.    Moved from Hamamatsu to the City of Shizuoka some time in 1998.

Found the Woman of Destiny around the time the Twin Towers crashed, but
one thing had nothing to do with the other. I call the one who would become
my wife the Woman of Destiny. In 2005 we were blessed with a son.
I said “Name him after Rokurou” (her father), so he is Rokurouta
(Rocky for the American audience). I become Rocky’s Daddy


My radio resume prior to coming to Japan: the 50,000 watt AM blowtorch WSB;
over-night with music, later tech. prod. for Larry Munson’s Sunday Night
Sports Talk.    That was mid to late 1980s.

 I could never realize how high I’d started around the spring of 1971
at WELW-AM, Willoughby, Ohio (suburban Cleveland) from WELW to WSB
it was WELW-FM, KHAD-AM in DeSoto, MO., WPAD-AM/FM, Paducah, KY.
Channel 46 in ATL (on the TECH side slingin' 2 inch video tape).   Then there was
WDEF-AM in Chattanooga, TN., WLFA-AM near Chattanooga over the line
in LaFayette, GA. and then back to ‘K’ calls with KDMS-AM in El Dorado
and then KKTX-FM in Kilgore, Texas allowed me to call myself their
Program Director, and then KRUS-AM in Ruston, LA. and some
station down in Bainbridge, GA. then back to Channel 46 in ATL,
and then in my 30s I started my college education,      
and my first  marriage ended.

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